Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our vision 
is to be the best bank in our niche markets.

Our mission
is to sustain solid value creation for our clients, employees, shareholders and society by pursuing prudent strategies with organisational agility and operational excellence, as a reliable niche financial services provider.   

Our core values

1) Stakeholder Centric: We respect regulators, auditors, competitors, employees and the community while adding value to our  clients,counterparts and shareholders in a responsible manner.

2) Agility: We are fast moving, flexible and robust, capable of rapid response to unexpected challenges, client needs, events and opportunities.

3) Prudence: We pursue commercial interests with high accountability, utmost care of our clients and strong risk management.

4) Excellence: We strive to serve our clients with superior service quality, speed and accuracy through vigorous teamwork.

5) Progress: We build a dynamic, open minded, innovative and entrepreneurial business culture. 

6) Integrity: Above all, integrity is our non-negotiable behaviour. We always act with integrity, adhere to the highest ethical principles in our conduct of business and never tolerate any behaviour that could endanger this fundamental value.