Global Markets Sales

GBI Global Markets Sales provides investment and hedging solutions to high net-worth individuals and corporate customers. With an experience of nearly two decades, GBI pursues a strategy that puts customers first. Offering a broad range of financial products, GBI facilitates access to all major global financial markets and offers solutions tailor-made for customers.

Global Markets Sales activities are organized in two departments with two separate customer-centric teams; one focusing on Individual Customers and the other on Corporates for increased effectiveness and maximum outreach. Individual customers are high net-worth international investors who mainly seek investments in global financial markets. Our corporate customers are mid- to large-sized international firms with hedging needs related to commodities, currencies or interest rates.

Experienced GBI teams provide exclusive advisory and execution services to help our customers meet their financial needs, serve our investors, and provide hedging solutions to our corporate customers. Through personable contact, dedicated relationship managers understand the customer’s needs, values and priorities, and aim to build a long-lasting relationship.

GBI Global Markets Sales remains committed to serving its individual investor and corporate customers with highest ethical and regulatory standards. We strive to excel in providing a unique customer experience while creating value for all stakeholders.

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